Origami Wallet

Trylletriks-Origami Wallet

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Two banknotes are layed, in a cross position, inside a small wallet. Then, they are clearly pierced in their center by a credit card. When the wallet is opened however, they are seen to be completely unharmed!

- You can use any kind of paper banknote even borrowed from the spectators.
- You can pierce them with anything ( creditcard, playing card, knife, or other banknotes).
- Nothing happens to the banknotes in wallet, you will give them back to the spectators, unharmed.
-The banknotes can even be signed.
• It is perfect for street magic or Close Up.
• In a short time everyone even a starter can do it.
• The wallet, made in leather, needs no set up before the trick and it can be inspected by the spectators.




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